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Discovery Devolution

Another LifeCraft Project innovation

This project has involved stripping down the bumper section of the Discovery 2 and replacing with an in-house purpose built steel bumper for hardier wear and tear.

A full sanding of the original paintwork and spray job with an original 4 colour “Reed and Fern design”.

Just look at the results!

About the Life Craft Project

Our ultimate philosophy is to use our skill and experience to pass on knowledge to those who can benefit from it; helping individuals, society and the world to try and change the direction in which they and it are all travelling.

So many things go to waste – spaces, materials, time, we are just trying to do our little bit and would encourage anyone who wants to to become involved to get in touch.

We are passionate about helping the socially excluded to find a direction; believe that community is the missing link in many people’s lives and strive towards an ideal grounded in connection, hard work and a bigger picture understanding.

A Practical Community

All of our organisational members value the community. We support one another in our work and try to help those who struggle to fit into the regular working environment by allowing them to learn new skills in a relaxed and informal way.

We gain funding from external sources to offer a deeper support element to our work, developing a robust volunteer mentor scheme, social entrepreneurial and educational pathways.

If a member has an idea for what they would like to do, we help them to achieve their goals.

Traditional woodworking

Have you got old tools in the shed which could do with a sharpen? Wood you like to learn how to steam bend wood? Could your garden benefit from a Life Craft Cabin, as a playroom a study or an extra bedroom? Are you interested in the merits of traditional woodworking?

If the answer is yes, then we have the courses and skill set to help.

The Life Garden

Spread over two sites in Norfolk and on in wales we incorporate permaculture principles, within garden design, digging, planting and learning how to grow.

Our courses are designed to foster ownership, working with the great outdoors to keep us, our community and the world, healthy.